Barry Long

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I’ve been to some filthy restrooms but this one is on another level. I noticed something different in this stall because it had a hole in the wall. I figured it must have been from a rat chewing through it or a violent act had been committed there. A few minutes went by when a huge black dick came through that same hole. What really got me going was the fact that I couldn’t see a face but mine would be put to use as I took all his inches deep in my mouth. I could hear his heavy breathing from the other side of the wall and my hands took care of my cock. I had to compare his size to mine so we did some sword fighting which he, of course, won! I didn’t want to send off the hung black man with blue balls so I did all I could to make sure he drained his big black sack. Wow! I got to tell all my boyfriends about this place especially since they all have a fetish for black men.